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Equipment List

We use only professional video gear, for handheld shooting we use the Fujifilm XT-30 in combination with the DJI Ronin SC gimbal. Our drone fleet consists of DJI video drones and several FPV drones. We also have tailor made FPV drones for indoor shoots.
  • Fujifilm XT-30

  • GoPro 9

  • GoPro Fusion

  • DJI Mavic Pro 2 (Classs A2)

  • DJI Mavic Mini (Class A1)

  • Various FPV drones (both indoor & outdoor)

  • DJI Ronin SC (Stabilizer)

  • Fujinon XF 18-55MM F / 2.8-4.0

  • Fujinon XF 35MM F / 2.0

  • Fujinon XF 16MM F / 2.8

  • Zoom H5 handheld audio recorder

  • Tascam DR-10L lavalier

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